Sublime & GitHub


My Sublime Text User settings are now on GitHub. View the README for further instruction.


Why Sublime? Because it makes my day (which is spent predominantly reading and editing code) so much easier. Why store my personal settings on GitHub? Much better question:

  1. Sharing - Forking is core to GitHub, and sharing should be core to programming, especially with respect to tools. I want others to profit from any time I spend on my snippets and packages.
  2. Backup - I've lost snippets and settings too many times. GitHub provides an easy backup.
  3. Both are cross-platform - I use Sublime on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. If I update my version of the "class" snippet in JavaScript from my work Mac, I don't want to manually transfer that to my home Windows machine. Git and GitHub make that painless.
  4. Recommendations - GitHub has a built-in recommendation engine through Issues and Pull Requests. If you have an awesome snippet for JavaScript that I should use, do tell! I'd love to use it.
  5. Versioning - Ah, the obvious. If I'm versioning my code, why not version the snippets I used to create it?

Granted, this is a recent change. But I'm stoked at the ramifications. Especially as about to I'm double the number of workstations I use...

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