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Hi. My name is Michael Schoonmaker, but nobody calls me that because it‘s too loooong, too formal, and there are too many other middle-aged white dudes named “Michael” running around.

So everybody calls me Schoon.

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Preaching online

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This is, perhaps obviously, a mixture of both the opinions of someone that has sat through too many online sermons (even before the Age of COVID) and the trade of someone that has given too many online conference talks and presentations.

That said, as it pertains to preaching online...

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After germinating in the heart of a star shaped like a video game studio, a supernoval bankruptcy flung me across the cosmos of the software industry toward the Bay Area system.

While I dream of returning home, the pull of the JavaScript Black Hole is still too great. My orbit remains large enough to Katamari other languages and technologies and techniques and experiences, but no matter how many talks I give or games I make, I mostly wind up trying again to convince undefined that if it just believes in itself, it really can be a function. Along the way I am blessed to have led and been led by, taught to and learned from so many fellow interstellar travelers and friends.

And in the mean time, I send word via the Tabletop Games Nebula that my need to add play and delight—and a bit of silliness—to the universe is still very much alive...

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