Science (Education) is Cool

A picture of Google search suggestions, with "diy eclipse glasses" at the top.

Science is cool.

No, I don't mean that space is cool, though it is.

No, I don't mean that eclipses are cool, though they are.

No, what I mean is that when everyone else is losing their minds and staring at the sun until their eyes bleed, Googling "diy eclipse glasses", you can recall your "scientific knowledge" that pinhole cameras exist, and go build one in your backyard.

A picture of a hastily made pinhole camera out of a pizza box and some recycling bins.

Science (education) is cool because I've been trained to look at the world around me and realize that the tree in my backyard is really hundreds of pinhole cameras all at once, and that I can see the eclipse hundreds of times, simultaneously.

A picture of the image a tree's shadow made during the eclipse: many tiny images of the eclipsed sun.

The gift of science and the gift of science educators is wonderful because it allows me, not a "scientist", to sit in my science-riddled backyard and enjoy my science-riddled coffee while I experience something uniquely science-riddled and once-in-a-lifetime like a solar eclipse.

Thank you, science teachers.

A picture of the image I got from my pinhole camera of the eclipse.

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