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Legacy of Play Services & Rates

I personally provide three services at different rates: contract software development, consulting, and coaching. I have run engagements as short as 4 days, and as long as 18 months. I do not subcontract any of this work, but I have experience working for, with, and through other contractors and agencies.

Software Delivery

Provided in half-day (4 hour) increments for $1000 each.

As the name implies, I will be primarily focused on the delivery of working software, but my career as a consultant and CTO comes with the occupational hazard that I will spend time considering long-term maintenance and basic documentation (unless detailed documentation is requested).

Automated tests are included if and only if they were used to drive the design (e.g. TDD), but occasionally a client will request a more complete unit or acceptance suite.


Provided in one-hour increments for $300 each.

Focused on building strategy and process over delivery. Our goals should target organizational outcomes, such as improving development velocity, lowering Mean Time To Recovery, or improving cross-functional communication.


Purposefully very flexible: a one-on-one engagement, billed at $250 per hour, to help an individual grow in their career as a leader or as a technologist.

These engagements require the highest level of investment from the individual being coached, who will be expected to both respond to questions and make changes to their working habits.

Getting started

No matter the service(s) you are interested in, I start each engagement with a 30 to 45-minute discussion (no charge) to go over the scope at a high level, set expectations, and establish what should be covered by the Statement of Work.

If I'm expected to write code, this session should also be used to discuss the tech stack and any review, approval, and deployment processes in place.