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Legacy of Play Portfolio


Chief Technology Officer: As the CTO I was responsible for architectural decisions, but I wrote a lot of UI, and reviewed the rest.
TypeScript, React Native, RecoilJS, NodeJS, Buf, PostgreSQL, Redis, Terraform, Docker, ffmpeg, imagemagick, GCP, Bitrise, Postmark, Twilio, Firebase
Feature image of building your 'social world' Feature image of the Squad Circle Feature image of Freetyles Feature image of Voice Messages Feature image of Daily Polls Feature image of a Squad Live call

Marketing copy

Have you ever imagined the internet, but with only just your friends? That’s what Squad is–the private, voice-only way to build a world with only the people you vibe with. Customized by you, and only you.

Squad is the fun, easy way to talk with your closest people everyday. These are your besties, your bae, your closest homies—or literally anyone you’d love to keep in contact with more regularly.

Want to live your life authentically and unbothered? We’ve got you. Privacy is our jam. All voice messages and status updates disappear in 24 hours. Boom! *mic drop*


ActionSprout Voices

Lead Mobile Engineer: Directly Responsible Individual for all things mobile: delivery, velocity, planning, support, infrastructure.
Flutter, Dart, Elixir, Protobuf, Bugsnag, Firebase Cloud Messaging


  • Cross-platform mobile application using Flutter.
  • Optimized for release velocity and experimentation. The UI/UX design was often suggested by myself.
Feature image of social actions Feature image of post sharing Feature image of responding to toxic comments

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Join a community of volunteers, staff, and board members to help bolster and organically spread your cause’s messages.


Get notified when you can help by quickly sharing, liking, or commenting on a new Facebook post from the cause you want to support.


Respond to important comments in order to get the facts out and create real conversations within your community.


Respond to polls and provide instant feedback to your cause, or sign and share a new social petition to get it rolling.


Lead Mobile Engineer: Directly Responsible Individual for all things mobile: delivery, velocity, planning, support, infrastructure.
Flutter, Dart, Elixir, Protobuf, Bugsnag, Firebase Cloud Messaging


  • Mobile-optimized UX based on existing mobile app. Optimized to test hypothesis: a mobile version would increase sharing behaviour.
  • Cross-platform mobile application using Flutter. We were early adopters, and this meant a lot of upstream conversations with Google's internal Flutter team.
Feature image of the editorial calendar Feature image of user notifications Feature image of a 'posting streak' Feature image of scheduling Feature image of story feeds

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Subscribe to your choice of over 400 issue topics and get recommended stories, hand-picked by our team of Facebook experts. Easily schedule posts to the Facebook pages you manage each day in order to reach and deepen connections with more supporters.


Review your upcoming posts and see how your most recent posts performed. Edit, delete or reschedule posts as needed.


Get notified when your teammates schedule new posts, when you're about to go a day without posting, or when there's a new recommended story that could perform well on your page. Feel secure in the fact that you'll know what's happening on your page at all times.


Officially Senior Platform Engineer building the Node backend, but after 60% of the team was laid off, one of two building a native iOS version.
Swift, Storyboards (pre-SwiftUI), JavaScript (ES5), NodeJS, MongoDB, ZeroMQ, Appcelerator Titanium


Feature image of chat Feature image of platform connections Feature image of the content feed Feature image of popular content Feature image of content subscriptions

Marketing copy

Join the conversation about videogames and games culture. Chat live with likeminded gamers.

F!RST blends the best of live chat, social networks, message boards, and media sharing. It’s designed just for gamers, and it’s the first gamer community built specifically for your iPhone. Start conversations as you would in a forum with an image, YouTube video, web link, or comment and then chat about it live with other gamers.

F!RST can be shaped by subscribing to the games and subjects you care about, and to the people whose opinions matter to you most.

F!RST lets you shape and curate your experience so you can quickly chat with likeminded people whatever your gaming tastes; whether it's console shooters, PC RPG's or iPhone puzzle games.


  • Live chat about videogames with likeminded gamers
  • Share images quickly and easily
  • Find and share YouTube videos - link your own YouTube channel to easily share videos you've posted, liked, and favorited
  • Share web pages by simply searching for the headline, and sharing the link
  • Save specific topics to your favorites, for quick access to conversations that are important to you
  • Live chat with players in Red Robot's Friendly Fire
  • Icons and wallpapers for user profiles designed by former Bitmap Bros’ artist Dan Malone
  • Help us build the best gamer community in the world.

38 Studios: Project Copernicus

The title screen from Project Copernicus, a.k.a. Kingdoms of Amalur
UI Engineer: Adopted ownership of the UI framework, build system, and many core services.
Scaleform GFx, UnrealEngine 3, BigWorld, Flash, ActionScript 3, Perforce, XML, XSD, XSLT


A screenshot of character creation showing race selection A screenshot of the MMO's user interface A screenshot of the in-game 'paper doll' A screenshot of character creation showing the facial features editor

Credit to Irena Pereira for preserving these screenshots via her portfolio.

38 Studios, the developer of the MMO, went bankrupt during development. Irena and team worked Herculean hours on the UI for the MMO, so I'm overjoyed some screenshots survived. She has wireframes on her portfolio, too, if you want to see more of her work.