Old Friends, New Places


An Old Friend is such a wonderful, rare sight in my life. Not that I'm opposed to making friends with the elderly, but I assume that you can assume that I'm not referring to the old and wise; rather, I'm referring to those friends I haven't seen "in a while".

It's always been a fact of life, although perhaps exaggerated by the march of increased mobility generation over generation: If I haven't seen you in a while, friend or not, the odds of seeing you face-to-face aren't getting any better. Every day that passes without seeing you sans Skype, Hangout, or even FaceTime whittles away at an already meager probability that tomorrow or even the forthcoming twelve months will contain the same magical event.

When that magical event occurs, of course, it's a wonderful wash of emotion: nostalgia for when we used to meet more frequently, happiness at seeing you now, longing for the rest of our circle, and anticipation for all the wonderful stories that only arise out of situations like these no matter how many times we've communicated online.

As the cream of my generation's crop continues to find work all over the globe and move thousands of miles from home to New Places, the probability of seeing an Old Friend nose-dives. Fortunately, God's Universe is good at balance and conservation; just as the probability dives, the magic rises. New Places bring new sites, new sights, and even, if you're really blessed, new friends.

Such is the course of that wonderful rarity: Old Friends in New Places.

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