Keep Schoon Bearded: Recap

In short, "Keep Schoon Bearded" was wonderfully successful. We raised $300 for local missions, forcing me to keep a loofah permanently fixed to my face until Christmas morning—including the initial No-Shave November period, that makes 54 days of Bearded Schoon.

While thinking through the results, I'm led to consider whether I would do this again. Should I do it next year? Should I do this every year? Are there better ways to raise money like this?

If I grow a beard for charity again, I imagine I'd take the same tack as Movember, and make it a group effort. I'm sure I'm not the only developer who loathes both facial hair and the "joke" that we look homeless once it threatens to take over our visage.

I'm considering other charitable ventures, such as a private, catered dinner. While I'm not a professional chef by any means, I have a heart for hospitality, and would be overjoyed to fill my backyard with hungry guests in the stunning Bellingham summer weather, a steady stream of culinary delights pouring out of the house. The margins aren't as good as "do nothing, and let your body do what it wants", so I would only pursue this if the overall revenue would be more significant.

For now, however, I'm content with the success. I set out to raise a little money, and have a little fun at my own expense. With checks cut—and cheeks shaved—that's good enough for now.

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