A picture of my first game, Project S.T.O.R.C.

Unpub 8 First Thoughts

A week ago, I was excited—but terrified—to attend Unpub 8, my first gaming convention as a game designer. Now, a goal I thought might be unreachable has become Plan B, and a goal I never would have considered is directly within reach.

While in the midst of 31.5 hours (😱) of travel out to Baltimore, I ran out of the patience required to listen to Yet Another Podcast, switched to music, and tried my best to let my brain rest in the middle of all that stress and anxiety. Now traveling westward again, I fired up the interrupted podcast, a sermon from Chris Eltrich of Lettered Streets Covenant Church where Chris shared the following:

Isn't that often the way things are in your life? Jesus comes to us by surprise. We think we know so well what our life is going to be like, what it should be like, and then out of the blue something beyond our control surprises us; forces us to respond to new information, to new circumstances, to new reality.

I'm overwhelmed with how timely and relevant that statement has become. I'll share more specifics as time moves on, but I'll leave you with this: God is good.

(Here is the rest of that sermon recording, in case you're interested.)

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