Project Kong: Calibration & Test Drive

The hardware has been assembled. The software has been installed. In this episode, it's time to calibrate that software and take the whole rover for a spin.

This video starts with a quality of life improvement: we move the main power switch for the car itself to a much easier-to-access location. It's been life-changing for the rest of this project. As a part of that section of the video, I show the macroscopic I've used for all the adjustments: “opening up” the car like a book, mounting the custom components to the flat platform, etc.

Also, mounting tape.

After a quick run-through of how to boot everything up, the video walks through the basics of calibration. The original documentation can be found on the Donkey Car website.

Finally, we go for our first test drive! Huzzah!


The music in this video includes “Days Like These”, “Golden Hour”, and “In My Dreams” by LAKEY INSPIRED:

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