Mental Health First

In Why I Follow Who I Follow, I gave a list I try to follow when building my Twitter Timeline:

  • Challenge my assumptions
  • Broaden my perspective
  • Check my privilege
  • Help my growth
  • Brighten my day
  • Empower my faith
  • Improve my profession

While this has been true for quite some time, I need to add an addendum: I will follow as much of that list as I can as long as I have the mental headroom to internalize and do something with that information.

At times, that means culling below that bar.

I can be hard on myself, but my mental health needs to come first. From that comes my physical health, the health of my marriage, the health of my family, the health of my career, you name it. It's hard for me, but some times I have to slow down.

Maybe I need to look at my list of projects, too...

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